Software Development

We are providing software development solutions for both individuals, start-ups, family, small, medium and big companies.

We are developing in several languages such as C, C++, C#, PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript/Java in MySQL and MS SQL.

We are also developing applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


1. Assessment of your ideas

To approach the perfect solution for your concept, the first step is summing up your ideas and your needs. With our decades of experience, we guarantee you the most modern solution based on your expectations.

2. Planning

With the high-level plans it is possible to take a look at and try the application or software. Without any coding or programming certain functions and design elements may be visible. As a software development company, we are not only focusing on front-end solutions.

3. Programming

Based on the plans, the programming part of the sofware development process is starting, with detailed documentation. Our aim is to strive after using clear and simple language.

4. Testing

Firstly, we are testing all the functions the software consists, then our customer may test it. Don’t worry if you would like to include more functions or you would like to change the desing. In this part of the process, we gladly make it for you.

5. Approval

If all the functions are running perfectly, the next step is the validation/approval of the software component. Here, of course, changing in functions and/or design is also possible based on your needs. If you are satisfied with the software and everything is working on the required way, the software is finalized.

Do you have some business processes that could be automatized? Or do you want to decrease the monotonous work of your employees?

We have a solution for that!

With the help of timed (CRON) jobs and several services, we provide full integration between several platforms.

If you have a website and you would like to import/export to/from desktop and mobile applications, it’s also possible.