Webshop Engine Improvement

Is your Webshop site loading slower and slower time after time?

Are there any pictures that are not appearing in the right form?

Is the number of your visitors decreasing and you have less purchase order?

If your answer is yes for the questions above, you may face with PHP problems or with broken links on your website. But these are only a few possible reasons what Webshop Engine Improvement can solve.



The appropriate speed of loading your website is one of the most important component of the perfect user experience.

PHP default

Changing PHP version is one of the most common problems of webshops.

Broken links

Having a broken link on your site means that there is content somewhere that is not existing anymore. This contant may be a picture, a small blog post or even a whole page, which may easily lead to the step where your (future) customer decides to leave your page.

The results of these defaults:

  1. The accessibility of your e-Commerce site is getting harder because of the broken links;
  2. In Search Engines, your site will be counted further back;
  3. The number of visitors will be decreasing;
  4. All of the reasons above, purchase orders will be less.

As we have a deep understanding all of these problems with our decades of experience, we have a solution for you if you are facing with these defaults or you just want to give your Webshop a boost! If you are interested in our Webshop Engine Improvement solution, click on the button below or write an e-mail to us!